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If you are interested in having a Career Resource Center staff member present to your class or organization, please login with your GatorLink credentials and complete the online presentation request form.

We offer presentations on the following topics:

Explore Lab:
In this interactive seminar, students will participate in a variety of self-exploration activities and assessments to explore career interests and learn more about academic majors and the job search. (This presentation is only available Monday- Friday from 8-5PM)
Interviewing Strategies: Leaving a Lasting Impression:
Students will learn interviewing techniques and strategies while working in small groups to practice new skills.
CRC Overview: First Year Florida:
This workshop is specifically designed for First Year Florida classes. Students will learn about CRC services and programs that will prepare them for success at UF.
CRC Overview: Undergraduate Students:
Choosing a major and career path can be overwhelming; but it doesn’t have to be. Understanding key CRC services will help students to explore careers, connect with employers and prepare for graduate/professional school or the internship job search.
CRC Overview: Graduate Students:
The career decision and job search process for graduate students has similarities and differences from the search of an undergraduate. At this workshop, students will learn about the range of services that the CRC offers to cater to their career preparation needs.
CRC Overview: Quick Tips:
Only have 10-15 minutes? This workshop provides students with a quick overview of CRC services and signature programs.
Job Offer and Salary Negotiation:
Job offer evaluation and salary negotiations are important factors when deciding on the “right” job. Program highlights include "considering the total package," "juggling multiple job offers," “identifying salary ranges" and "ethical considerations."
Curriculum Vitae and Resume Preparation:
Are your students applying for faculty positions? This seminar details important CV elements for academic, research, post-doctoral and/or faculty positions.
Job & Internship Search Strategies:
Not just for seniors, this seminar guides students in the process of searching for internships and full-time positions while learning effective strategies to successfully navigate the job search process.
Dining Etiquette*:
From taking your seat, to excusing yourself from the table and everything in between; this workshop helps student feel more comfortable with dining etiquette. For this workshop, a CRC staff member will facilitate the presentation portion of a pre-planned etiquette dinner.

*This presentation requires a consultation with a CRC Staff Member before it will be confirmed.
Navigating Career Fairs:
Want to learn how to successfully navigate Career Showcase and other career fairs? This seminar provides tips for first-time career fair attendees and helps them to identify strategies on how to make the most of their experience.
Gator CareerLink Overview:
Gator CareerLink is the portal to “All Things Career,” in the CRC. This workshop will provide tips and time saving features to help students get the most out of this helpful tool.
Projecting Professionalism:
This interactive workshop will provide students with an opportunity to learn the importance of professionalism, understand the importance of demonstrating professionalism in the workplace and learn professional communication skills.
Personalizing Your Personal Statement:
This seminar is designed for juniors and seniors. This workshop will help students brainstorm and learn the guidelines for writing personal statements.
Resume/Cover Letter Preparation:
Find out what employers are looking for when reviewing resumes and cover letters. Students will leave knowing the proper content, style and format for resume and cover letter writing.
LinkedIn: The Basics:
This workshop will provide students will a holistic overview of LinkedIn. Students will learn how to develop a professional profile, use LinkedIn as a career exploration tool and learn ways to search for jobs, internships and volunteer experiences.
Networking Workshop:
This workshop will help students clarify what networking is, learn how to identify their networks and learn best practices for improving networking styles.
Customized Presentation*:
The topic and content for this presentation is specifically developed for a specific population or group of students.

*This presentation requires a consultation with a CRC Staff Member before it can be confirmed.

Your request will be processed as soon as possible and a career development professional will contact you to make additional arrangements for the presentation. Please provide us with a minimum of two weeks notice to process your request.

We do our best to accommodate all requests. At times, however, we will be unable to assist you due to prior engagements or other conflicts. We apologize for any inconvenience. To check the status of your request, please call the Career Resource Center at 392-1601 ext 270.

Please note:
CRC presentations are for UF entities located in the Gainesville area only. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept request from non-UF entities or UF entities located outside of the Gainesville area.

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